Great things never come from comfort zones!

Don’t we all want to achieve great things in life? Because doing great things is not just about reaching a level of greatness in your life. It’s more about the great happiness that comes along. How joyous is that feeling of being there on the top, reaching your highest, and setting the bar even high for yourself.

But, doing something great demands us to come out of our comfort zones. Because of course, no adventure is exciting without having to try something new, to dare yourself to face your fears, and to have something that leaves you with a thrill.

And for that, we have to be able to think beyond what we know we can do. We have to try something we have never tried before. And we need to extend our capabilities in ways we have never imagined.

Every leader, every player and every successful man reached their dreams because they were willing to come out of their comfort zones.

And so must you, for you too are meant to do great things. Don’t be wavered by the fear of change, that comes when you step out of your comfort zone. Rather look forward to the great life that lies ahead, to the great heights that await you, and to the greater joy that comes with it all.