Give yourself the same love you give to others!

Have you noticed how you are so kind and affectionate with the people you love the most? You make sure that the words you use around them are warm and your actions, gentle. When you are around them, you ensure that nothing causes them harm of any sort. Even when at times, they disappoint you, you continue to love them with all the love you have inside you. However, when it comes to you, it’s quite the opposite. You find it hard to love yourself the way you love others. This is why you get tough on yourself with your words and sometimes even your actions.

But today, we are here to tell you that you deserve the love that you so kindly offer to others. Yes! You do. There’s so much you do every single day, so much that you give yourself so little credit for. Start to appreciate it. Start to appreciate your journey and how far you have come. Forgive yourself when you disappoint yourself at times. When you fall, encourage yourself to get up with the sweetest words. Be there for yourself just like you are there for others. And see how you become a better version of yourself.