Friendship is the purest form of love!

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What is life without friends? A barren land where flowers refuse to bloom. They make our good times better and bad times easier. When we fret over the jigsaw puzzle called life, they tell us that we are not alone. Someone has rightly said ”friends are the family we choose”

They play multiple roles in our lives. They lend us a shoulder when we need it, give us advice even when they know we might not follow it. They not only help us rise but also keep us grounded when needed. And while playing all these roles, they remain non-judgmental and accepting of us. They love us when we are a little extra of ourselves and they love when a part of us is missing. When we feel like a 20, they become the other 80.

How blessed we all are to have such people in our lives. How blessed to have people we can completely be ourselves around. No judgments, no competition, no negative energy just pure love. If we try to look closely, we will realise how this is the purest form of love. Because friendship is all heart and mind takes a back seat!