Find one good thing everyday!

Sometimes the good is right under our noses but we fail to see it because we are either too focused on the bad or we take the good for granted. But if we continue to be unappreciative of the good like this, we might communicate to the Universe that we don’t need the good in our lives. And none of us want that, right?

So, find something good every day. Be appreciative of the little things. Be appreciative of your morning coffee and the person who made it for you. Be appreciative of the way your dog finds out that you’re feeling low and sits by your side. Be appreciative of your colleague who offers you help whenever you are stuck. Be appreciative of your friend who orders a meal to cheer you up. Be appreciative of your parents who do so much for you but you fail to notice it because you are so used to it all.

Make a conscious effort to find good every day. Especially on the days when finding the good isn’t easy. Remind yourself of the goodness around you and let it inspire you to give the same goodness in return.

The energy we put out in the world is the energy we get back, remember?