Find joy in small things!

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Think of something that makes you happy? Is it something big? Like getting an appraisal or finally going on a vacation that you have been planning for a long time. Or is it small? Like spending time with your pet, goofing around with your friends or something as basic as getting a reply from your crush? Generally, it’s the big stuff that makes us happy or keeps us happy… and the small stuff? Well, it always gets overlooked in the hustle for the big!

However, life is way more enjoyable when we find joy in the little things. These little things may not always give us a sense of moving ahead in life or a sense of achievement but they always succeed in making us smile.

Moments that make us forget all our worries even if for a while. When giggles don’t seem to end and smiles stay by our side. Those are the moments worth cherishing and those are moments we should be on the lookout for.

Today, invest in self-care, actively choose moments that will add the joy quotient in your life. Remember they don’t have to be big!