Find beauty in chaos!

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Well, well, well! What do we say about life. It gets a little messy at times. A little all over the place. Slips from our hands like sand when we try to get a hold of it. Flows away like water when we try to hold a moment we love. Makes us witness a rainbow but after we experience some rain. So, at times we fall and stumble and wobble in pain and wonder when this chaos will come to an end?

But, only the people who master at this skill called life know that it’s the chaos that make this life more beautiful. Because life without some flips and slips will be a dull one. Too much beauty will make us appreciate it less and too much joy will make us take it for granted.

So, embrace the chaos that come with your life. Understand what it’s trying to teach you. If you come across a puddle, life gives you two choices. One is that you can ensure that you don’t get dirty by being careful and losing out on all the fun. And, the second choice is to loosen up and jump and enjoy the puddle! You decide!