Everything is working out for you

There’s a shield around you 24×7. You don’t see it and yet it still protects you, stops everything bad from getting to you and takes care of you round the clock. No one but Universe has put this invisible shield around you to keep you safe from all the evil. Inside this shield, nothing happens to you. It happens for you. For a bigger cause, a bigger motive that will eventually make sense to you. Inside this shield, you are guarded and loved and blessed with the best. Inside this shield, everything works out for you. Basis your desires and dreams and the wishes of your soul.

Imagine yourself inside this shield and live your life accordingly. Don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t frown because the Universe has planned a beautiful life for you. Let it unfold most beautifully. Let it humble you and surprise you and fill your heart with gratitude.

The bad that you go through also aims to help you discover a greater good. Don’t let it dishearten you. Instead, consider it a stepping stone towards the great. You are Universe’s favourite child. Deeply adored and looked after, every single day.