Eventually, everything will connect

To the ones going through a tough time, to the ones caught up in uncertainties, and to the ones trying to find meaning in the bits and pieces. We understand that a lot of things might not make sense to you at the moment, and that’s okay. Because maybe from where you are, you can only see half the rainbow. But the fact is that somewhere far away it connects and completes itself, right? And in the same way, you may not really understand the wisdom behind a lot of things that are happening. But in a year or two, or somewhere along the journey you will know exactly why it happened. Because, everything in life takes place for a reason. Both situations and people come into our life to play a part. Each comes to add its own value, to teach a lesson, and to make us wiser. Some stay for a short period and some stay with us for long. But even after they are gone, the traces of their ever shining sparkle, continues to guide our way. And this is realized only as we begin to grow old. We understand its wisdom in the long run, as we begin to move ahead in life. And everything connects, eventually. So meanwhile, keep holding onto yourself. Keep looking for blessings in all the circumstances. And keep faith in yourself, and above all keep faith in God. Laugh through the confusions, smile through the chaos and enjoy each moment to the fullest!