Even if you fall, learn to rise again!

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How much we all love succeeding in life. One milestone after the other is like a dream come true. The happiness that victories bring along in time reflects on our faces. And when it comes to failures? We would rather pick up our best shoes and run away from them. You, me and everyone, we all hate them. Why wouldn’t we? They make us feel so terrible about ourselves. Starting from the bottom again is dreadful.

But maybe…just maybe, if we had a softer outlook towards failures, they wouldn’t hurt us as bad. Maybe we should start looking at them as an opportunity to learn and not as an obstacle. That is when the magic will happen. That’s when if we ever face a failure, we will look at it in its eye and say ”thank you” with a smile on our face. Here’s a fun possibility, what if in reality, failures intend to make us like those bouncy balls which once thrown on the ground, bounce back higher? Are you ready to bounce?