Enjoy your own company!

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Sun doesn’t need anyone’s company to shine bright. It is content with its own and you should be, too. Spend time with yourself. Know what lifts you up and know what does the opposite. Discover your emotional triggers and your safe space. Work towards improving yourself in solitude. Spend time journaling and pouring your heart out to your journal. Overcome the awkwardness of going to places alone. Go to your favourite cafe and enjoy your favourite dish, all alone in your own company. Put a pause to asking others to make plans with you. Make a plan with yourself.

Just look at yourself, you are so entertaining to be with. Why don’t you entertain your own self from time to time! Sing a song for yourself, dance your yourself and applaud when you are done. When we are comfortable with our own company, we stop choosing others out of our emotional void. When we are comfortable with our company, other people don’t become a part of our journey, they just become co-passengers in one. Isn’t it how it should be?