Don’t look back, you are not going that way!

Sometimes being headed on a new journey can be overwhelming. It can bring with it emotions that make us nervous. Being unaware of the future feels uncertain and this sometimes makes us want to look back. Because our past looks familiar. And we often confuse familiarity for comfort, even if it didn’t add any value to our life in the first place. When this happens to you, remind yourself to only look forward. Remind yourself to not dwell in the experiences of the past but focus on the possibilities of the future.
While the past has regrets and baggage and guilt of mistakes, the future has chances to live life differently.

So, embrace the feelings that you are feeling right now. Just don’t let negative ones take over the positive. Welcome, this new journey with open arms and a clean heart. Let the past remain in the past. Look forward to the experiences you will experience at every pit stop. Have faith that this is going to be a smooth one. It surely will be.