Do what you love

There are certain things in life that no matter how much time you spend doing them, they always make you feel at ease. They do not leave you feeling tired. They do not make you want to take a break. And they do not make you long for the weekend. And that right there, that something that you couldn’t stop thinking about while reading the above lines, is something you really love and enjoy doing, right?

But then the irony of life is that we spend too little time doing what we really love. And we spend too much of our time doing what we don’t. Because of which we are hardly left with any time for our hobbies. We are so focused on the ‘what’s next’, we forget to make our present a little better.

And as a result, our lives become mundane. Mundane not because we do too much but because we do very little of what lights us up. And that is why it is important to keep in touch with the things you love. Because not only do they bring us joy and happiness. They also help us make sense of the chao. So, keep going after your hobbies and passions. Keep doing what you love. Read, write, sing, paint, dance, doodle or do whatever brings you happiness. Lose yourself in it, only to find yourself again.