Do what makes you feel more like yourself!

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Have you noticed how you are at ease around certain people and while doing certain things? You feel comfortable enough to be completely yourself around these people and while doing these things. There are no filters on you whatsoever. You should spend more time with such people and while doing these things. Life is too short to live any other way.

But to understand what makes us feel more at ease and more like ourselves, we need to observe ourselves. Maybe observe our heart too. See who makes it calmer and at peace with. Notice what makes it jump with joy.

Then the second step is to actively look for such moments and be picky about spending more time doing them or being with those people. This also includes saying NO to everything that does the opposite. Let people say whatever, you choose what’s the best for you. And if you believe us, there’s nothing better than Joy. It is what makes our journey worthwhile. The way our face shines bright when we are joyful from the inside, nothing…absolutely nothing beats that.