Collect memories, not things!

Hey! I want you to take a moment and look back at your life and think of some of the best memories. Are these memories associated with things or are they associated with experiences that touched your heart? More often than not, it’s the latter that gives us memories of a lifetime. So, shouldn’t they be the ones that we should really chase and not the objects and materials that satisfy our pride?

Also, unlike material things, there is no numeric value to memories. We can’t put a price tag on the time spent with people we love. Or the laughs and giggles that make this life worth living. While the latest smartphone can help us connect with the world, a trip with our friends can help us connect with them and ourselves better.

Experiences are timeless as well. The joy of getting a new car will vanish in some days but the joy that experiences bring with them will stand the test of time. And hence, they need to be on top of our list of goals. Because when asked to think of some of the best days of our lives, they will be what we shall always think of.