Chase your dreams until you catch them

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There’s nothing quite like dreams for dreams are possibilities. Possibilities that push us, guide us and motivate us enough to pursue them. They are the hope of a better future. They are full of ”how great it would be if I achieve this” and ”how proud will everyone feel if this becomes my reality”.
We look forward to them with anticipation, excitement and nervousness, all at the same time.

Consider yourself lucky if you too are blessed with a life that lets you dream of an even better one.
Not everyone gets this opportunity. And make sure that you make the most out of it. Don’t be disheartened if at times you take one step forward and two steps back. Such times are tests of your dedication and willpower. So hang in there for as long as you can. Pull yourself up when life knocks you down and get back to chasing your dreams. Chase it untill you finally catch it. One day you will look back at your journey and be glad that you didn’t give up. Take my word for it!