Celebrate every victory, no matter how small!

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Celebrate waking up today. Celebrate your morning coffee. Celebrate the good food that you ate and will eat throughout the day. Celebrate keeping yourself well hydrated. Celebrate keeping your plants hydrated. Celebrate every single task that you will tick off your to-do list. And then find some more reasons to celebrate.

Right from our childhood, we have been conditioned to believe that it’s only the big victories that are worth celebrating. This is the reason why we find it difficult to appreciate the little things that that we do.

But celebrating the little victories makes us feel confident and motivated. It gives us the push we need to do better. Not only this, when we celebrate the little victories, we send out a message of gratitude in the universe and hence open ourselves to attracting more of such victories.

And to celebrate everything that you do, you needn’t always gift something to yourself. You can celebrate yourself by taking a break, starting a joyful ritual, writing a gratitude letter to yourself or by simply saying ”I am proud of myself!”

Now that you know why it’s important to celebrate yourself and how can you do it, let the celebrations begin!