Bring out your inner child every now and then.

The child in you who jumps when they see an old friend, yes bring that child out more often. Don’t offer a cold handshake to your friend when you meet them, jump if your inner child asks you to. The child in you who wishes to slurp and enjoy a wholesome meal, bring that child out often and let your eyes sparkle seeing your favourite meal. The child in you who believes that every person is good at heart, bring that child out more often. Especially in moments where you get into conflicts with others.

Loosen up! Smile at everyone you meet. Giggle at the silliest jokes and leave your sparkle wherever you go. Don’t be a grumpy old fellow who is too occupied with life and their to-do lists. Don’t be a grown-up who is so busy working that they forget to make time for play. Remember we were told ”All work. and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, no one wants to be Jack, do you?