Bit by bit, build yourself!

Do you know each one of us is a builder? What we choose to do today, say or practice, directly affects our tomorrow. We are our own creator of our days. Every little decision, thought and actions we have chosen have lead us where we are and where we are going.

We are the builder of our own destiny. We maybe under construction but we are whole as it is. The constant creating and building is part of the whole human experience. So, let’s keep on building ourselves with every little effort and its success, with every little happiness and its reasons. Let’s build ourselves into what we are capable of becoming. Because that is our purpose and that is why we are here today. In our journey, we face obstacles and hit a wall sometimes, but those are there to help us uncover who we are. They make us realise our purpose and lead us to our fuller potential. Let’s face everything that life throws at us with a smiling face, for they are the blocks that we will create ourselves with.