Be unaffected by the judgments of others!

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When was the last time you were judged for something? We are sure not long ago! Because the truth is that no matter what we do in life, there will always be judgments thrown at us. This is how society works. Here anything that’s even remotely unconventional is dealt with judgemental statements or stares.

And let’s accept it, seeing people judge you isn’t a pleasant experience. In fact, it can be quite tormenting. It can trigger insecurities and make one believe a little less in themselves. At times, it can change the way we look at ourselves.

But a wise person knows that to fall prey to these judgements is to let someone who knows so little about you control so much of your life. This is where self-awareness comes to play. When people are deeply and consciously aware of themselves, the judgements of others fail to affect them. This is why it is important to know ourselves so well that the opinions of others fall through in affecting our inner peace.

But knowing oneself is a continuous process and doesn’t happen overnight. Introspection is the key and we can all get there. Because the more we go inward, the less the outside world will affect us.