Be the type of person you want to meet

Did you daydream as a kid about

what you will be when you grow up?

Or are those daydreams about things you want to have

or the company you want to keep?

Don’t we all have imagined being surrounded by the best of people?

The people that we fantasize to meet

can be someone great that we have met already or want to meet some day.

The person that our past or present-self

wished to meet some day can be born out of us as well.

We can commit to be that person for ourselves.

There would have been people whom you saw and thought,

how fantastic they are with their kids.

Some people are so kind-hearted with their friends.

and solve others’ problems as their own?

Don’t such people bring out the best in others by being their best self?

The kind parent brings out the best qualities of their kid.


that big-hearted friend makes their friends’ lives a little easier?

They are the people everyone appreciates and wants to be with.

If we wish to be surrounded by those people,

we can first try being those people by giving it

our best shot to adopt the best of their traits.

Not only will it help us become a better person

but also it will make us wholesome.

We will be all that we will need to be for ourselves.

And someday,

we will meet someone exactly like us,

an amazing person!

Now repeat after me

I Am Brimming With Positive Energy.

I surrender to the wisdom of the universe.

I achieve all my goals with ease!

I believe in myself.

I am in charge of my life.

I deserve to be happy.

I am worthy of what I desire.