Be the love that you search for!

Being loved is a great feeling. Well, who are we kidding? It’s perhaps one of the best feelings! To be looked at with nothing but pure love. To be said the nicest of the words. And to be held like our existence matters. We all crave that in our lives. Sometimes we get to cross paths with people who have the potential to give us a similar love. We then start being dependent on their potential and feel disheartened when the results don’t match our expectations.

But my dear friend, you know what? There’s only one person who has the true potential to never disappoint you and that is YOU. Only if you begin to love yourself a little more. Only if you treat yourself like you matter. Only if you become the love that you seek from others.

Stop searching for that love from the outside world. Close those multiple tabs in your search engine. Look for some soul-searching and find the love within you. It’s been sleeping in there for a long time and now it’s time to wake it up!