Be a soul full of sunshine

Be silly it looks good on you. Make mistakes, everyone loves when you do something wrong and then try to hide your face in embarrassment. Be loud, let the world hear your opinions on subjects that matter. Take up space, come in the spotlight, you are too precious to be a hidden gem, anyway.
Laugh out heart out without thinking what will others think. Allow yourself to feel the joy that life blesses you with. Be kinder than necessary, it moves people. Touch the heart of every person that you cross your paths with. Remain etched in their memory forever. Be generous, share your happiness with the world. Be spontaneous, don’t think too much before you say something or do something. Be the life of every party but not my having all the attention on you but by making everyone feel they are loved and appreciated.

The world will always try to put filters on you. To make you fit in the society and stop you from standing out of the crowd. But you be yourself. Let your warmth warm everyone. Let the filters be limited to social media. Let yourself be a soul full of sunshine in real life!