Abundance is a mindset

Is your glass half-full or is it half-empty? If it’s the former, chances are you are in a state of contentment and your heart is full of gratitude.
If it’s the latter, chances are you find it hard to notice the good around you and spend your days in anticipation of better days.

Being an optimist will always be a personal choice. But the people who choose to be an optimist, look at the world through rose coloured glasses. They don’t ignore the unpleasant but they spend all their time acknowledging the pleasant. They don’t ignore the darkness around them but they spend their time and energy searching for the light. They don’t pretend there’s nothing bad in the world. They simply spend their time focusing on the good.

This is why they live in a constant state of abundance. This is why we find them smiling their worries away. You can be an optimist too. How?

  1. By focusing on the present. Because the past has gone and the future is beyond our control but what is in our control is the present.
  2. By surrounding ourselves with positivity. Be mindful of whom you spend your time with. Be mindful of what you spend your time doing. Choose people and things that will help you vibe higher.
  3. Be grateful. Actively acknowledge everything that makes your life beautiful and be grateful for it.
  4. Change your life with positive affirmations. Speak nothing but the best about yourself.

Safe to say, optimism is a personal choice. And the outcome is always abundance.